2,000 new jobs to be created in automotive sector in Aragón

The 66 companies associated in the Automotive Cluster of Aragón (CAAR) plan to invest a total of 125 million euro in 2018, creating about 2,000 new jobs. The companies expect to grow by 8% in turnover and 10% in employment, as stated by the president of CAAR, Benito Tesier, and its managing director, David Romeral.

The cluster represents 66 companies and seven public institutions and associated research centers, the equivalent of 50% of Aragón’s automotive sector, which represents 6% of the Gross Domestic Product of Aragon (GDP), 35% of Aragon’s exports and 30.4% of industrial employment,

In 2017, the cluster’s associates reached a turnover of 2,300 million euro and created 1,575 new jobs.

Romeral also advanced the number of 125 million euro that CAAR’s associated companies will invest this year to prepare their factories for the upcoming models: not only the Corsa that Opel will manufacture, but also those that other clients will launch.

“Last year the investments made totalled 120 million euro, and instead of the 800 jobs that we said were going to be created, it was 1,575,” which evidences, according to the cluster’s managing director, the good health and growth of the industry in Aragón. 

Assembly line at OPEL’s Zaragoza factory.

CAAR president Benito Tesier said that what matters now for the Aragonese automotive industry, which  is competitive and has the capacity to innovate, is to keep up with the evolution that is going to happen in the automotive industry, which faces “a change of era” that will not only affect the technology of the car itself, but the concept of mobility in cities.”

“The traditional automotive industry will have to collaborate with the tech industry” because there is a growing demand for services like vehicle sharing or ‘payment for use’. “We have to be prepared for these changes, and also for the new engines. We are going towards hybridization, a new fleet of vehicles in which electric, gas and hydrogen solutions will coexist.” Tesier is confident: “What at the moment is a weakness for many, for us is an opportunity for our companies to evolve and have the capacity to innovate.”

Source: www.heraldo.es