52m € investment in Becton Dickinson’s Fraga plant will create 45 new jobs

Becton Dickinson expands its Fraga plant, creating 45 jobs

New 5,000 m² building will house 2 syringe production lines, with an investment of  52 million euros.   

The plant of Becton Dickinson (BD) in Fraga, one of the economic motors of the province of Huesca, will continue to grow in the coming years. The sanitary equipment manufacturer plans to invest 52 million euros in the expansion of its facility, which currently employs some 650 people.

The group will build a new 5,000 square meter building with two production lines for syringes, a project that will be finished in 2020 and will create 45 jobs. «The expansion responds to our need to increase the productive capacity of the BD PosiFlush syringe”, explains the director of the Fraga plant, Javier Pardiño.

The new expansion confirms that the Fraga plant is a very important asset for the multinational pharmaceutical company, which employs 45,000 people worldwide. The Fraga plant currently produces hypodermic needles, the PosiFlush, which are used in medical centers around the world, and other types of syringes. The factory, one of the largest employers in the province of Huesca, produces six trillion units of product per year.

Source: El Periódico de Aragón