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Unique Infrastructure


Zaragoza Airport is the leading airport in terms of growth in air freight in Spain


Industrial airport in Spain: PLATA Airport (Teruel)


Location close to the leading European Aeronautical Zone (Toulouse)

Strategic location

Equidistant between the main aeronautical centres in Southern Europe: Madrid (Eurocopter, Airbus, EADS space), the Basque Country (ITP, Aernnova) and Toulouse (Airbus France).
Being close to Toulouse has encouraged the presence of an MRO operator in the area and the undertaking of many technical tests – impossible in congested airports.

Three airports in the region

Zaragoza International Airport: Third most important air freight airport in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona; has 70ha avaliable in the airport for the aeronautics industry.
PLATA Airport Teruel: The only industrial airport in Spain. Tarmac (Airbus subsidiary) performs maintenance, repair and inspection activities. Long term aircraft park (120ha.) for 250 units
Huesca-Pirineos Airport: a small airport suitable for training activities.

Clusters and resources

AERA (Aragon Aeronautical Association) was a founding member of the European Aerospace Cluster Partnership (EACP).
The Aitiip research centre has invested over €6M since 2013 in 3D printing technologies.
These technologies are used to obtain aluminium, titanium and polymer aerospace parts.
ITA (Aragon Institute of Technology) is currently developing Stress Analysis (FEM) and has a semi-anechoic chamber. It is also involved in logistic projects and GPS monitoring.

More information?

In coordination with the Aragon Institute of Technology, AERNNOVA has developed numerous leading R&D projects in Spain – with a budget of over 10 million Euros.