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Life Sciences

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Studies undertaken in Aragon are 20% more relevant than the world average


Aragon is home to leading entities in the area of life science research


The life sciences cluster Arahealth is comprised of 44 companies


Companies from Aragon present in over 40 countries


Leading multinational companies present in Aragon


Public-private collaboration favours IP and technology transfer


Aragonese researchers have the third most significant impact in Spain. Studies undertaken in Aragon are 20% more relevant than the world average. R&D centres, such as the University of Zaragoza, University Clinic Hospital and the Aragonese Life Sciences Institute (IACS), are perfect incubators for spin-offs and start-ups. This system promotes technology transfer and innovation. (Tech transfer)

Health cluster

Arahealth is the cluster of companies in the life sciences sector in Aragon. Over 60 companies have come together in this organization to collaborate with public institutions and among the self-same companies. Medical products and techniques developed by the members are tested in the hospitals and clinics belonging to the cluster. Thus, companies know the needs of medical professionals.

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With 8 sterilization rooms each measuring 80 sqm, the BD plant in Fraga (Huesca) is the largest medical material sterilization centre in Europe.