Reinvest & Expand

Over 200 foreign companies have production centres in Aragon. Through the Invexta Programme, we aim to maintain your satisfaction in our Region.

We can offer the backing of the Government of Aragon so your company can continue working and growing in our region.

  • Support when preparing internal tenders to bid within the group to attract more activity to Aragon.
  • Regular contact to attend to your needs in Aragon.
  • Monitoring of the dossiers connected to your investment within the bodies of the Government of Aragon.
  • Dialogue with the Spanish Government..
  • Dialogue with the head office in the country of origin of the foreign investor through the Spanish Embassies and Trade Missions.
  • Assistance in matters of Immigration and Visas.
  • Support for you to become international.

We work with ‘Invest in Spain’ so your company can fulfil all State procedures and work internally so that all dossiers presented before the Government of Aragon are concluded when your company needs them.

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