General Characteristics

The minimum general salary is fixed annually and each sector must negotiate a collective agreement for several years, in which its regulation framework is established.

Employers and employees who operate in Spain must be registered with the national system of Social Security.

Social Security contributions are made by both parties proportionally in accordance with the category of employment and employer.

The low levels of conflict and the great loyalty of Aragonese workers, and the high levels of quality and productivity of the Aragonese job market are the most highly valued characteristics by investors.

Costs for the employer

Recent changes in employment legislation, which simplify contracting issues, together with greater flexibility in the duration of contracts, have made it possible to reduce employers’ costs.

Salary costs in Aragon are lower than the Spanish average and 25% lower than in the main Spanish cities.

There are discounts to reduce workers' Social Security contributions for certain groups, which may be either a percentage of the salary cost or fixed monthly discounts.

Contract Types

There is a wide variety of indefinite and temporary contracts available to cover the different staff requirements of each company.


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