In 2020, Aragón covered all its local energy consumption with renewables

Aragón’s production of renewable energy exceeded local energy consumption by 22% in 2020, following a boom in green investments likely to continue in 2021.

Substantial investments have been made in the last years by both national and international groups, especially in the provinces of Zaragoza and Teruel. Proof of this are the almost 1,000 megawatts (MW) of wind and photovoltaic parks put into service last year, according to provisional data provided by Red Eléctrica de España (REE). In 2019, Aragón connected a total of 1.931 MW to the grid.

The largest source of energy in the region is the wind, accounting for 44.6% of total production, or 4,075 MW, in 2020. 14.6% and 12.2% of production came from hydraulic and photovoltaic plants, respectively.

Having doubled its capacity in only two years, Aragón is now the second Spanish region in terms of wind energy production, up from the fifth place it occupied in the same ranking only a year earlier.

Regional administration has played a key role in the recent investment boom, speeding up the approval process for new projects.  The tailwind for renewable energy in Aragón will persist in the near future: More than 400 new projects, totalling 12,500 MW, have been requested already for 2021.