New Climatic Test Station opens in PLAZA logistics platform


CETEMET Technological Center has set up a new climate testing station in PLAZA logistics platform, Zaragoza. The new infrastructure, unique in Spain, is aimed at developing tests for vehicles, trucks or trains that transport perishable goods, like food or sanitary material. 

The testing station, which stands out for its size, is capable of carrying out tests and analysis in extreme thermal conditions, from 20 degrees below zero to 50 degrees, thanks to its outstanding air conditioning systems.

It adds a new service to PLAZA’s offer, which responds to the demand of the railway and transport sectors. It has ENAC accreditation and is approved by the Spanish Ministry of Industry as an official ATP Testing Station.


Characteristics of the test station

  • Dimensions: 30x5x5.5 m (LxWxH)
  • Temperature range: -20º to 50º
  • Temperature ramps of 3º C / hour
  • Thermal homogeneity of the laboratory below 2ºC
  • Generation and control of relative humidity 20% to 70%
  • Air velocity in test environment 1-3 m / s
  • Functional tests: projection of snow and generation of ice sheets
  • Installed track widths: 1000mm, 1435mm and 1668mm
  • Vehicle entrance with winch
  • 63A / 400v three-phase installed sockets
  • Temperature / humidity / time programmed cycles