Saint-Gobain Placo Ibérica trains new employees in collaboration with Aragon’s Employment Institute INAEM

Several new employees, trained through a training agreement with the regional Employment Institute INAEM, are already working in the factory of Saint-Gobain Placo Ibérica in Quinto. 

Aragón’s Minister for Economy, Industry and Employment, Marta Gastón, visits the Placo plant in Quinto de Ebro. (Source:

In view of the positive results of this training action, Placo and INAEM will close a second agreement to train unemployed people, with the commitment to hire the majority (at least 60%) of them. For the first training program, the company received a grant of 18,269.74 euros.

The training programs of INAEM aim to prepare technicians and professionals in the region as a contribution to the overall professionalization of the construction sector. In 2017, INAEM signed 27 training agreements with Aragonese organizations that allowed the training of 2,023 unemployed people, of which 78% were inserted in the companies. The 2018 call for this program is open until June 30. 

Saint-Gobain Placo Ibérica is a leading company in manufacture and marketing of gypsum and laminated plasterboard. The company will invest more than 4.5 million euros in the next two years in improvements and expansions of its aragonese plant: In July, the company will carry out an investment of half a million euros that will improve the final quality of the gypsum board, and enable a production line for possible new developments of this product. For the next two years, there is a large project to increase the logistics facilities to expand the storage capacity and the number of loads per day, which will involve an investment of another 3.5 million euros, as well as the creation of a plasterboard recycling facility.