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This recent Spanish ‘start-up’ is located at Teruel’s airport and is the European leader in developing liquid propulsion motors for suborbital aircrafts.


The British company, Flight Training Aviation, imparts aviation courses to pilots from all around the world due to the support and assistance provided by the professionals at ‘Invest in Aragon’.


TARMAC AEROSAVE: With partners such as Airbus, Safran and GDF Suez, TARMAC Aerosave is dedicated to the storage, maintenance and recycling of aircrafts on the 80 hectares of Teruel’s PLATA airport.


AERNNOVA: This first-rate supplier of the metal framework of aircrafts has two plants in Tarazona (Zaragoza). It has coordinated with the Aragon Institute of Technology in research projects valued at 10 million Euros.



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