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ICT & Financial Services

The HP group in Zaragoza is dedicated to IT support, maintenance and applications development. This centre relies on the largest IT security team in Europe.
The ICT department at Opel/GM Spain is made up of 124 people who develop, support and validate IT solutions for Opel/GM groups anywhere in the world. This is the company’s largest centre outside the U.S.A.
The Adidas ICT team began with a group of Aragonese professionals. The team is now in charge of developing applications and managing all IT solutions worldwide.
Deloitte has been in Aragon since 1980. It relies on more than 170 employees who offer their clients technical support services, IT systems development. Deloitte also provides services remotely.
KPMG: KPMG’s Centre of Innovation, Development and Implementation of Technological Tools in Zaragoza is the most multifunctional centre of excellence in Europe.

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