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Life Sciences

Alliance Healthcare’s plant in Zaragoza, where 170 people work, is the company’s head office. There is a storage capacity of more than 9,000 square metres and more than 2,000 offices.


Baxter’s factory in Sabiñanigo (Huesca) is one of the most automated factories in Europe. Baxter produces intravenous solutions, which are distributed in more than twenty countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.


Teva is one of the world’s main marketers of generic medications and the eighth largest pharmaceutical company worldwide. From its production plant and logistics centre in Zaragoza, it distributes its products to all of Europe and countries such as Chile and Canada.


Becton Dickinson’s plant in Fraga (Huesca) is the largest sterlisation centre of medical supplies in Europe. It contains eight sterlisation rooms, each one being 80 square metres in size.



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