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Unique Infrastructure

Air Transport

In 2014, 419,579 passengers travelled through the Zaragoza International Airport

Railway Transport

Regular trains to Madrid and Barcelona in 80 minutes

Road Network

3 hour drive to major Spanish cities on a good motorway network

Railway transport

PLAZA Intermodal Terminal

Operating 24/7/365

Platforms for 750m long convoys

7500 trains & 2,800,000 ton per year

290,000m2 Dry port

Zaragoza Maritime Terminal

2nd biggest dry dock in Spain | 120,000TEUs managed per year

8 direct trains to Barcelona Port every day

Intermodal Terminal Monzón – 150,000m2

High speed train(AVE) – 38 daily connections to Madrid & 24 to Barcelona in 1 hr 20 min

AIR Transport

Zaragoza International Airport:

3rd most important Cargo Airport in Spain by volume

462% freight increase from 2011 to 2013 | Customs office & perishable terminal 365 days

160,000m2 platform for cargo aircraft

PLATA Teruel Airport – The largest MRO Industrial Hub in Europe

Long term park area (120ha) for 250 aircrafts

Long-term aircraft parking (120Ha.) | Capacity up to 250 aircraft | 330,000m2 of industrial area | 108,000m2 for MRO activities

Road Network

Delivery by truck to main European destinations (Paris, Milan, Düsseldorf, etc.) in 16 hrs

3 hour drive to Madrid & Barcelona | High capacity motorways to France, Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia | Same day delivery and reply for Madrid & Barcelona

Freight corridor between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic coast

TARMAC has full access to 80ha. of the airfield and a large hangar at Teruel Airport (PLATA), the biggest MRO and Aircraft platform in Europe