Aragon demonstrates competitive advantage as location for international distribution

In recent years the Aragon region, and PLAZA (Logistics Platform of Zaragoza) in particular, has had some significant success in attracting the distribution activities of international companies and is naturally keen to build on this.

Zaragoza Logistics Center (ZLC), a research institute established in partnership with the MIT, conducted a benchmarking study for Invest in Aragón to demonstrate the competitiveness of the region compared with other logistics hubs across Europe as an attractive location for international distribution activities.



Chosen locations for comparison included the Rotterdam area of The Netherlands, the Hauts-de-France region centred on Lille, the Emilia-Romagna in Italy (Bologna) and North-Rhine Westphalia in Germany with emphasis on the important inland port of Duisburg. Besides these well-established logistics ‘clusters’ the focus was also on the Czech Republic as a potentially significant new competitor.

The factors reviewed included, among others:

  • Land and property.
  • Labour costs.
  • Transport costs.
  • Customs procedures.

The study demonstrates that there are very positive economic arguments for international business to choose Aragon as a distribution location.

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