FINSA Group chooses Teruel plants for 75M€ investment

Timber producer Finsa will invest 75.5 million euros in its two factories in the town of Cella in Teruel in the next three years, in order to expand and modernize the facilities. The project includes the creation of 50 new jobs.

The project includes the modernization of the facilitiesas well as an increase in manufacturing capacity with the incorporation of new production lines, according to the director of the factory, Eduardo Rojo. Mr. Rojo highlights the ‘eco’ production system of Cella, with “the consumption of wood in second use, sustainable with the environment”. 

Finsa has been an important employer in the province of Teruel for fourty years. Currently the company counts 400 workers in its two aragonese facilities that are dedicated to the production of melamine boards and furniture components. The company, headquerteres in the Spanish region of Galicia, exports to more than 50 countries worldwide.

The plant of Teruel will count on the collaboration of the Government of Aragon to carry out its investment project, benefiting from different lines of subsidies available for promoters betting on the Community. Finsa Group has been able to access grants from the Teruel Investment Fund (FITE) in recent years, and will also be able to opt for this year’s call presenting its expansion plan. Furthermore, given the magnitude of the current expansion project, the Government of Aragón intents to declare the investment “of regional interest”, which will accelerate the administrative processes involved.

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