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Unique Infrastructure

Air Transport

Zaragoza International Airport is the 2nd most important one in Spain by freight volume

Railway Transport

High speed trains to Madrid and Barcelona every hour

Road Network

3 hour drive to major Spanish cities on a good motorway network

Railway transport

PLAZA Intermodal Terminal – Operating 24/7/365 | Platforms for 750m long convoys | 7500 trains & 110.000 TEUs yearly | 290,000m2 dry port.
Zaragoza Maritime Terminal – 2nd biggest dry dock in Spain|350.000TEUs managed per year | 8 direct trains to Barcelona Port every day | Reefer Service.
Intermodal Terminal Monzón– 150.000m2.
High speed train(AVE) – 20 daily connections to Madrid & 23 to Barcelona in 1hr 20min.

AIR Transport / MRO

Zaragoza International Airport – 2nd Cargo Airport in Spain by volume Average 18% yearly growth in freight volume since 2009 | Integrated with PLAZA logistics platform | Custom office & perishable terminal 365 days. | 160,000m2 platform for cargo aircraft.
PLATA Teruel Airport – The largest MRO Industrial Hub in Europe | Long-term aircraft parking (120 Ha.) | Capacity up to 250 aircraft | 330,000m2 of industrial area |108,000m2 for MRO activities

Road Network

Delivery by truck to main European destinations (Paris, Milan, Düsseldorf…) in 16 hrs.
3 hour drive to Madrid & Barcelona | High capacity motorways to France, Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia | Same day delivery and reply for Madrid & Barcelona | Freight corridor between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic coast.

TARMAC has full access to 80ha. of the airfield and a large hangar at Teruel Airport (PLATA), the biggest MRO and Aircraft platform in Europe